SOFTCORE Exclusive - “ASS LVL” (EP) by theultravisitor

Song: "ASS LVL” (EP)

Artist: theultravisitor

Genre: Experimental, Club, Electronic


Theultravisitor’s new EP, ASS LVL, pushes the comfort one can sustain from expected time arrangments and song structure in a unique and wonderful way. He skillfully divides the soaring and (sometimes) soothing moments of each song with elements that keep you alert and anticipating how the song will break next. As a “producer’s-producer”, theultravisitor shows off his technicality and creativity while keeping a unique boldness to be admired in clubs or when you’re ready to rage on your drive home. Put on your lab coat, because it’s time to experiment - starting with “Fuck then Figure it Out“ below. You can also find the full EP on Spotify here.