Youtube Playlisting of "Cola" by Arlo Parks

Song: "Cola"

Artist: Arlo Parks

Genre: Indie, R&B, Beatnik


This track was posted to our YouTube channel’s “Softcore Blue” playlist and it makes me smile every time it pops up in the list. Using words which coming from other lips might sound bitter, Arlo delivers a smooth and somewhat flippant take on the break-up classic. Her lyric and delivery are both pure and clear and slices through her relationship with a sweetness using lines like, “Leave me to my own devices - It's better when your coca-cola eyes are out of my face - I checked your phone and no surprises - She's grinning from ear to ear in purple lace”.

I love the innocent matter-of-factness of the line, “I know it's kinda dumb but I'll miss the way you dressed all punk” which contrasts with the maturity of the chorus, “I loved you to death - And now I don't really care - 'cuz you're running around over there”. He did her wrong, and Arlo moved on. This song is a great listen on a warm day.