Track Review of "Your Dog" by Soccer Mommy

Song: “Your Dog"

Artist: Soccer Mommy

Genre: Indie Rock, Lo-Fi


Sophie Allison, BKA Soccer Mommy, hails from our hometown of Nashville, TN. Her sound reminds me of a moment back in the early 2000’s when Nashville’s local music venues had moved from a focus on singer-songwriters to wavey indie-rock bands fronted by demure lyricists. Fast forward to today and Sophie has brought that nostalgia back to the mainstage in her own mellow way. The vibe is total 90’s guitar-driven indie rock (with a touch of shoegaze) and contrasts against today’s production-heavy tracks. This song has a beachy punk vibe and stuck-out to me while listening through her album “Clean”; of course, I’m a sucker for unexpected “fuck-off” lyrics and even more for a calmly bizarre music video. Check out this track below and continue to listen through her playlists until you come across her vineyard and ultra lo-fi “Blossom” demo, recently released.