Track review of “Amadine Sensible” by Sevdaliza

Song: Amadine Insensible

Artist: Sevdaliza

Genre: Electronic, Avant-pop


I stumbled upon Sevdaliza last year and she quickly became one of my favorite finds of 2018. When approaching the idea for this review I had a hard time choosing which song to recommend first. I went with “Amadine Insensible” because I think it’s an easy step into her complicated world. The lyric, melody, and production on this track is simplistic and inviting with an undercurrent of foreboding which make for a beautiful listen. Sevdaliza’s music is usually paired with thoughtfully artistic visuals. They tend to be fresh and haunting with a depth that leaves room for the individual’s interpretation. While her avant-garde aesthetic can conjure different opposing ideas for the viewer/listener, this song is straight forward. Amadine is “whatever you want her to be” and explores the concept of identity in our contemporary world where the possibilities, and expectations, are boundless.